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What is it to be?

A lofty question, but it’s been on my mind lately.

I’ve been rushing and stressing and doing nothing and everything all at once. And I don’t want to keep doing that. 

How can I get right with myself again, if ever I was before? How can I get right with myself and my life as we stand now?

One of my favorite sights from the early commute I've been taking this past week

It feels like it should be simple to slow down, to be present, to cut out all the moments I spend daily thinking and worrying and wondering. I should just be doing instead. But that wouldn’t account for the structures we live within and were raised upon. 

And yet, even taking those oftentimes sad variables into account, I don’t want to live despite the world. I want to live with it, be in it. I want my life to be about experiencing and helping and growing and loving and laughing and expansion and pride and humility and creating and



And I don’t want to wait to do it. So somehow, I will be. And it may be a whole mess of being. But I hope at the end of the day, it’s all in service of something good. 

Because if we aren’t living and we aren’t existing in alignment with our values and morals and hopes, the container of our lives might as well be empty. It lacks meaning. And we are all capable of great significance. 

Let’s not forget how powerful we are, in our littlest and biggest moments, today and always. I’m reminding myself of this, too.

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