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It Was Coming All Along

The pink of the cherry blossoms against the blue of the sky was so glorious to me, I had to capture it on film

Change is in the air! Can you feel it?

Perhaps I’m being delusional, but even so, I feel it and I believe it. All around me, it seems newness is taking hold–spring has arrived in NYC (bless you in advance), my friends are quitting jobs left and right (wahoo!), people are showing up in numbers to protest and stand up for other humans (proud of all of you & stay safe!). 

In the midst of all this, I’ve been feeling quite anxious. And if I’m honest, I didn’t know it was coming. Usually, the build-up of frustrations and worries and heartaches manifests in my body and heart pretty obviously to me, but not this time. It hit me almost out of the blue. Twice! In the span of just a few days.

And yet, just before those two cute little menty b’s, I had what I call a “universe tingle.” And the tingle told me–or really intimated to me–that something(s) really good is just around the corner. Was that enough to circumvent the menty b’s? Absolutely not. However, it has given me a beautiful, precious, certain & ambiguous bit of hope.

So as I attempt to strip back the layers of my complex little life and restructure and realign so I’m not constantly driving myself crazy with nerves, I hold onto this sparkly something I’ve been gifted from who knows what, and I treasure the vibrant colors of spring flowers blooming in my apartment and all over the city, and I reconnect to grace & patience for myself and for others. Change is constant, thank goodness. It can feel scary, and we can accept it and welcome it and give ourselves the space to open up to it so it can do the same for us in return. 

Wherever you are, I hope this universe-tingle-good-thing that’s coming extends to you. Happy spring!

The gleeful face of someone still very much figuring it out at almost 26 and 1/3 years old! Taken by my brudder Nick

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