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Anne of Green Gables

Part One available now!

Anne is one of those stories that has been part of my heart for as long as I can remember, and I have loved it in so many different ways: the books, the 80s mini-series, the more recent Netflix adaptation (which I HIGHLY recommend!).


I am overjoyed to be joining my friends at Inkblot Theater Co. for their very first production! Listen for me as Ruby Gillis, and my music compositions throughout the episodes! 

Be sure to check out Inkblot on Facebook, Instagram, and their website to view all of their offerings, including theatre workshops & classes for kids and future productions! 


Little Things Add: a period audio dramedy – Fast Radio Burst! February 2021

Infernal: A Standing Musical Debut, January 2021

A Christmas Carol: An Audio Presentation – produced by Jeremy Doyle with the Little Falls Public Library, December 2020

Home Not Alone: A Virtual Holiday Extravaganzapresented by Raina Silver, December 2020

Still Born by Liz KurtzLittle & Fierce Theatre Company's CREATE: A Digital Reading Series, December 2020

The Joy Luck Club is a Fucking Farce and Here's Why by Alex Lin – Women's Theatre Festival's Occupy the Stage, November 2020

2020 in Your 20s with Presleigh Renner, October 2020

The Witches' Macbeth, October 2020

Willow: A New Musical by August Greenwood & Morgan Smith – from the Averno transmedia universe, September 2020

The Legend of Astrophela by Rushalee Nirodi – September 2020

Mission US: Prisoner in My HomelandTHIRTEEN/WNET, September 2020

The Waning Tide by Mark Weissglass – May 2020

At Night It's Just the People Who Live Here by Henry Hill Ainsworth – NYU Experimental Theatre Wing, December 2019

Basking in LightLight Opera of New Jersey, September 2019

A Short Life of Trouble by Brandy Carie-Marrah – Everyday Inferno Theatre Company, August 2019