Rachael Chau

Actor, Singer, Renaissance Lady in Training
she/her & they/them





The third of three concept albums currently slated for release in a partnership between Averno and Broadway Records, Bittersummer is OUT NOW!!!


The musical follows three girls (and their new friend) during their last summer in their rural hometown of Averno, Virginia. I play Aster, the witch in the woods whose story is told alongside the girls'. Bittersummer is a folk musical featuring songs by Annalise Emerick and The Brother Brothers.

Be sure to check out the other Averno albums Willow (where I play Beatrice), Dazed, and Over and Out, and find everything Averno at its Linktree


Bittersummer: A New Musical by Annalise Emerick, The Brother Brothers, and Morgan Smith – Averno x Broadway Records, June 2021

The Debates 2021 – Theater in Asylum, May 2021

Frostbite – SVA Animated Thesis by Nick Christie, Stephanie MacCarthy & Brian Luong, May 2021

Anne of Green GablesInkblot Theater Co., April-May 2021

Alice & Caroline by Tessa BarceloLittle & Fierce Theatre Company's CREATE II, A Digital Reading Series, March 2021

Little Things Add: a period audio dramedy – Fast Radio Burst! February 2021

Infernal: A Standing Musical Debut, January 2021

A Christmas Carol: An Audio Presentation – produced by Jeremy Doyle with the Little Falls Public Library, December 2020

Home Not Alone: A Virtual Holiday Extravaganzapresented by Raina Silver, December 2020

Still Born by Liz KurtzLittle & Fierce Theatre Company's CREATE: A Digital Reading Series, December 2020

The Joy Luck Club is a Fucking Farce and Here's Why by Alex Lin – Women's Theatre Festival's Occupy the Stage, November 2020

2020 in Your 20s with Presleigh Renner, October 2020

The Witches' Macbeth, October 2020

Willow: A New Musical by August Greenwood & Morgan Smith – the Averno transmedia universe & Broadway Records, September 2020

The Legend of Astrophela by Rushalee Nirodi – September 2020

Mission US: Prisoner in My HomelandTHIRTEEN/WNET, September 2020

The Waning Tide by Mark Weissglass – May 2020

At Night It's Just the People Who Live Here by Henry Hill Ainsworth – NYU Experimental Theatre Wing, December 2019

Basking in LightLight Opera of New Jersey, September 2019

A Short Life of Trouble by Brandy Carie-Marrah – Everyday Inferno Theatre Company, August 2019