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What's next?

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

The month of September was so busy it got its own blog post listing off the handful of projects I am still incredibly proud to have been part of, October was dominated by Macbeth rehearsals and performances (along with a fang-tastic Halloween event with my princess party company!), and early November was The Joy Luck Club is a F*cking Farce and Here's Why, during which Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were officially announced as President and Vice President Elect (a moment I think I'll always remember).

Now, I'm back in my apartment for the last 2 months my sister and I have it, I've had a day or two to breathe after a vigorous moving-back-in-and-cleaning process, and I'm already asking myself: what's next?–a question artists both dread and love, depending on whether or not they've got things lined up.

So I turned to another source for help and asked this question of my new tarot deck–my very first tarot deck, by the way. It answered with this beauty:

Four of Wands – Mohini & Aravan, Indian Sanskrit Epic Poem

For those who aren't familiar with tarot, or who are just starting out like me, here's what the deck's guidebook says of this card:

"The Four of Wands represents rejoicing and festivities. A well-deserved celebration and a stable time to be thankful, cherishing loved ones. Mohini and Aravan embrace each other, enjoying the time before the next adventure begins. Reunion, success, pride, happiness, family"

Whether you believe in tarot or not–wow! what a reminder! It's one that I think we can all use right now, especially those of us in the entertainment industry, especially in this capitalist society. We're always pressuring ourselves and others to create and make and do and thrive, but how fulfilling and truthful can our art be if we continue to expect it to come out of a state of duress and expectation?

Therefore, I am challenging myself for the rest of the year to enjoy. So much good and bad and meh have existed in 2020, in more intense and obvious ways than years prior. I'm very fortunate to be stable and safe and healthy, and so I am choosing to give thanks for that by celebrating and relaxing, and maybe even sitting with my boredom instead of combatting it.

Wherever you are with your life, your career, yourself, I hope you can find the value in this, too. I'm sure you deserve a long moment's rest, and I encourage you to embrace that.

♡ R

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