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Approximately 184 days ago, my friend Emma & I were all packed up to go on our spring break trip (my first during college!) when we abruptly decided not to because of COVID's rapid unfolding, and I returned to my family home in New Jersey, not knowing how very long I would end up being here.

BUT there are many lights in this dark and strange time! During this ninth month of the year 2020, I feel extra grateful and lucky to continue to do so much of what I love! Here's a rundown of a few events this month that are filling me with purpose and joy:

September 1st - First read-through of Macbeth

I'm playing Ross, and am in a company of actors I greatly admire, and who I happen to have trained with at Stella Adler through NYU! Our rehearsals continue through this month and the next, culminating in several performances towards the end of October, including a midnight performance on Halloween. And best of all, we get to work with high school students on this production!

September 14th - Mission US: Prisoner in My Homeland release date

To say I am excited for this is a tremendous understatement. I began my work as a voice actor on this game last November. It was my first big voiceover job, I was working with people and a company I truly valued, and I learned from the process, both as an actor and an American citizen. This job still feels like a pinch-me situation. I am so proud that a game like this exists in the world, and I'm honored that I get to play a role in it!

September 19th - The Legend of Astrophela

Have you seen a YouTube premiere of a brand new musical before?! Because I most certainly have not! And to sweeten the deal, this one champions feminism, BIPOC, queer people, and more! My character, Queen Estella, gets (if I may be so bold) one of the biggest bops in the show, AND a beautiful music boxy waltz. I cannot wait to see how our incredible director & writer/lead actor bring together all the pieces of this musical's first reading!

September 25th - Willow

Averno is the gift that keeps on giving. Willow is the first album to release in our triple record deal with Broadway Records, and what a special one to start with! This musical tells the tale of women & girls in different times of life and time periods growing, loving, and letting go. The music has lived in my head for over a month now and it still makes me emotional when I sing it. My heart is already warm thinking about what a gift this album will be, especially with live theatre put on pause!

And that's my month in a nutshell! Of course these are quite career-centric events, but I promise there's lots of life going on, too! My best friend Prashasti and I visited a sculpture garden just yesterday, another best friend Erin and I are taking a scenic stroll and getting brunch at a hot new spot today, another friend of mine just got back to the US after living in Ireland since high school–in short, I have friends and we are making the most of this time! Plus, I've been handwriting and sending letters with pals far and wide, which is its own incandescent joy.

Wherever you are in the world as you're reading this, I hope you are able to find things to look forward to, and things to be grateful for. I am sending love & care & good things straight to you.

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