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Eres Tú

There is such beauty

Rose ft. powdered sugar & chocolate

in love that is given freely

What simplicity–

to not be kept waiting

or questioning 


For a while you ponder if it’ll be what it’s been before

Then, it reveals itself to be something better 

I can see now

How hard it is

To be on the receiving end of selfless, strong affection

And wonder if you can reciprocate it—

If it’s real

If it will last

I know now that we cannot know

For all our pinky promises and pretty riddles

We're always more beautiful when looking at our person... right?

The now and the future don’t always align

But in this moment

I am grateful for all the misalignments

That led me here

Oh it was painful

And I have cried many heavy tears

Yet now I cry them out of joy 

That I get to know the feelings I possess

And hold the person I hold 

And I love patiently, surely, without regret

Knowing and hoping that we’re right

This is better

More than that, it is ours 

And whatever it turns out to be

It will always be ours

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